3 days ago Veeramangai Velunachiyar was on 18th century Indian queen from Sivaganga Velu Nachiyar was the first Queen to fight against the British in. 24 Feb Veera Mangani Velu Nachiyar was the First Women Freedom Fighter This was recorded as the most Grief Stricken Incident in the History. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, Veera Mangai Velunachiyar was one of the queens in the 18th century in South India. Velu Nachiyar heard that her husband Raja Muthu Vaduganathar and her daughter young.

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Queen Velu Nachiyar first to introduce human bomb!! – – Navrang India

After the British soldiers and son of Nawab of Arcot conquered Sivaganga and killed her husband, she fled velu nachiyar history in her daughter and lived at Virupachi under the protection of Palayakaarar Kopaala Naayakkar, build her army and joined hands with Gopala Nayaker and Sultan Hyder Ali to wage war against the British and regained her kingdom.

She revised and re-implemented taxes like kandacharam,sungam toll taxvirpidi arms tax ,ecchoru,perammu, makamai, devasthanam related taxes. Daily sadhus are being fed. Similarly velu Nachiyar constructed a Mosque and Church at Saragani after restoration of her Kingdom – this showed her gratitude towards Hyder Ali.

After 8 years of Exile and constant war pratices the Udaiyal Padai troop attacked the Britishers and retorted the kingdom from the Nawab. Nachiyar, the valiant queen breathed her last on December 25,at the age of 66 years in Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu, India.

Also, the young Princess had spent countless hours studying the rules of war. Meanwhile, Thandavarayan Pillai wrote to Sultan Hyder Ali on behalf of the Rani, with a request that he provide infantry and cavalry to help her defeat the British army, but he was an old man velu nachiyar history in passed away in his sleep around this time. Kathavarya Pillai had rendered his services with loyalty from the time he took office, so much so that Raja Oodaya Thevar bestowed upon his family the hereditary title of management.


A six-foot bronze statue of the queen was also unveiled by Jayalalithaa, who also announced that January velu nachiyar history in will velu nachiyar history in commemorated annually as the birth anniversary of the courageous queen.

Nachiyar was in Kollangudi at that time. In the yearthe English invaded her kingdom and Rani Velu Nachiyar soon received the news that her husband Raja Muthuvaduganathar and her daughter young Princess Gowri Nachiyar had been killed in war for Kalaiyar Koil Palace — which the British troops stormed under the command of Lt. Her troops advanced to Sivaganga with the help provided by Maruthu brothers.

Many women,childrens were mercilessly killed in the war. Thandavaraya Pillai was the son of Kathavaraya Velu nachiyar history in who was an accountant and also as Karvar, administer in this samsthan.

Dalavay Thandavaraya Pillai and Maruthu brothers sustained injuries. An army commander and a loyal follower of the queen, Kuyili, came forward to carry out the mission. Muthuvaduganathar, King of Sivaganga married Velunachiyar in the year inspired by her beauty and brevity. Privacy Policy for LiveIndia.

Velu Nachiyar

There are two doors to velu nachiyar history in and west. It helped that she and Haider Ali were able to converse in fluent Urdu, swapping stories about their problems with the East India Company. This war was held in Kalaiyar Koil palace. Thus, through out India, the corrupt British velu nachiyar history in earned a bad name and as for the crown, it got a bad rap for being a mute spectator to their atrocities in the Indian sub c ontinent.

Sultan Hyder Ali also equipped her with necessary weapons so that she could put up a tough fight against the British.

She was a scholar in many languages and was ready to rule the Ramnad Kingdom. Princess Velu Nachiyar was made to learn all the art forms of war from horse riding to martial war attacks.


This biography of a member of an Indian royal house is a stub. Rani Velu Nachiyar was loved by all who met her.

She developed a separate well trained women’s army whose members were equally brave, patriotic and disciplined. During her long stay at Dind u kal fo r about eight years, burning with anger, reveng e and patriotic fire, she formed a formidable army and entered velu nachiyar history in an alliance with Hyder Ali. One of her followers, Kuyili, doused herself in oil, set herself alight, and walked into the storehouse.

She learnt horse riding and archery earlier.

This was the first act of war against the Britishers. Rani Velu Nachiyar was a queen of Sivaganga estate in South India; she is regarded historg the first queen who fought against the British colonial power in India.

Powered by Drupalan open source content management system. Monday, 9 March Queen Velu Nachiyar first to introduce human bomb!!

All of which helped her in later part of her life. Sans any male heir, the royal couple raised the princess as a boy, velu nachiyar history in was trained in using war match weapons.

Tamil-American hip-hop artist Professor A. She is also credited as the first person to apply human bomb.

Veera Mangai Velunachiyar

The word makamai means a kind of tax offering that tradesmen tithe to temple right velu nachiyar history in their earnt revenue.

Sadly, upon her naciyar, the Maruthu Pandiyar brothers were captured by the British and the Kingdom of Sivagangai became the district of Sivagangai, under the control of the British East India Company. He advised Velunachiyar to move to different places often in order to avoid British invaders.