27 Apr Jude Deveraux’s Twin of Ice and Twin of Fire, originally published separately in , have now been reissued in one volume. The two novels. Jude Deveraux entwines the frontier adventures of two unforgettable sisters— demure beauty Houston Chandler and her independent, hot-tempered twin. Twin Of Fire by Jude Deveraux – JUDE DEVERAUX entwines the fronteir adventures of two unforgettable sisters — demure beauty Houston Chandler and her.

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He is NOT the hero of the story. She falls in love with the local doctor Leander Westfield.

Rough-around-the-edges Taggert has reasons of his own for twin of fire jude deveraux to marry a lady and immediately proposes to Houston; a proposal she dismisses until she discovers that her sister Blair slept with Houston’s fiance the night they traded places. Overall, on its own, Twin of Fire is a perfectly acceptable historical romance.

Reed is his dad and had some odd inconsistencies. Buy from another retailer. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Spinners Lake Anna Jacobs. En este libro le damos seguimiento a la familia Taggert. Devfraux things this one tamed, prim and proper young lady does for the man she loves is just wild.

Twin Of Fire

And because of this, Judw never stopped reading it till the end. Blair agrees and Lee unaware of the switch attempts a seduction of Houston the “ice princess”. Of course all is forgiven!!! Here’s the funny thing – I have never read any more Deveraux since that time not even the last Twin of fire jude deveraux book or the last two Montgomery books.


Leander Westfield, who was the fiance of Houston.

She gave me three of Twin of fire jude deveraux books in the Montgomery deferaux and I kindly took I am going to write the same thing for the Taggart and Montgomery series of Jude Deveraux.

I get bored of reading, skip a lot of paragraphs and never bother to re-read it again. First and foremost – I judged a book by its cover. But no, Blair is super smart and caring, so there’s no reason to listening to what other people want: Houston and her twin, Blair, switch places, so that Houston can see Kane’s house, which everyone in town is curious about, and things get a little out of control between Lee and Blair, enough so twin of fire jude deveraux Lee announces to everyone upon twin of fire jude deveraux discovery of the switch that he has to marry Blair.

Jude Deveraux perfectly executed it. Jue with This Book. She gets herself involved jjde some dangerous situations because of her need to be involved, help and protect. Both had moments of loose twinn that I don’t agree with, no matter what reason was given. I gave a previous review of Twin Of Ice.

However on the night of the Governor’s Ball sounds great but we don’t get to go she switches places with her twin Blair omg she is horrible so she go see this new guy in town’s Kane Taggert mansion. Blair Chandler is the outspoken, feminist twin. But by the twin of fire jude deveraux I finish reading them, I’m almost always left wondering “what the hell did I just waste my time on?

This book is terrible. We never did find out why she wanted to hurt Taggert.


Twin of Ice (Chandler Twins, #2) by Jude Deveraux

Well, I gave in and read them because I needed something to do on the ride home. Her deveraaux is Dr. No trivia or quizzes yet. But I am tired of the trope of the rude, domineering, arrogant, broad shouldered hero who treats the heroine like shit. Her sister, Houston, talks Blair into trading places with her one night when Houston made a date with Kane and she was already obligated to go to a party with Lee.

Although, Kane certainly does enjoy the powerful position it places him in and he’s certainly not shy about taking advantage of it. All of which is to say I have a nostalgic attachment to Twin of Icewhich while not my technical first was at least one of my first favorite romance novels. I dveeraux have liked to have given it 4 stars but I didn’t like the ending. Twin of fire jude deveraux and Blair’s personal family history has its own dramas with the twin of fire jude deveraux Houston has nursed since childhood.

Twin of Ice/Twin of Fire : Jude Deveraux :

His silence imperils their love, but wtin truth would imperil her life. I read this book in one reading bc i didn’t want to put it twin of fire jude deveraux. I don’t think anything is really resolved at the end. I can tolerate the female lead not the heroine!