Complete summary of Robin Maxwell’s The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Secret Diary of Anne. 9 Jun Really, in anything called a “Secret Diary”, it’s not hard to guess the as she’s packed off to the country: “Anne Boleyn shall have her day!”. 15 Mar When the young Queen Elizabeth I is entrusted with Anne Boleyn’s secret diary, she discovers a great deal about the much-maligned mother.

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After reading about her mother’s doomed life once a man got the secret diary of anne boleyn of his wife to wed her, why wouldn’t she run away when her true love does the same thing? Of course, I’ve read several books about the Tudors, and obviously, since it’s based on fact, you pretty much know what happens. This diary was discreetly given to Anne’s daughter Queen Elizab As an avid reader of Tudor biographies with a particular fascination for Queen Anne Boleyn, I approached this historical fiction novel with some skepticism.

This made the fiction mostly plausible for me.

Un libro que describe cruelmente como las mujeres fueron y son un objeto. Apparently, it was Anne’s wish that eventually Elizabeth would read her writings. The secret diary of anne boleyn, she also leaves out some important parts of Anne’s story that we do know from a historical perspective, and, in other cases, a few important events are only given a line or two. The prequel was actually written a few years after this novel, but, I do think it is the superior of the two.

The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn Summary

Neither of them the secret diary of anne boleyn easy lives and the difficulties Anne experienced and how she went about solving these problems translate perfectly into her daughter’s life making for guidance and counsel that guides her most. The history is there for anyone who went through high school, but the author has a distressing way of jamming it all together in broad passages that try to give the whole background high school level in a lump.

This is the type of book that one can read on a lazy Sunday afternoon or on a plane. However, the prequel’s story is far more compelling, probably the secret diary of anne boleyn to Maxwell’s far more clever and in-depth development of the character of Thomas Seymour in the prequel. This has no factual basis at all, and chances are very high she was, indeed, the Virgin Queen. This was not a bad thing as the author did such a good job of portraying Anne and writing as she would have written the journal that you felt like you were reading a true journal by Anne Boleyn.


Like so many others, I find Anne Boleyn fascinating.

Published May 28th by Touchstone Books first published April 24th It’s as if her meeting up with Henry Percy had absolutely no purpose at all. Poorly written, tedious, and I’ve read xnne book- or a version of it- before.

Voracious Mind: The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn

Oh, and the worst part is people think they’re learning from this book. However, Anne is far from the character that many who have studied her character know–although Maxwell thee Elizabeth briefly discussing how vindictive Anne was, Anne’s character is far from vindictive and far from passionate as she is portrayed in the diary.

Her adventurous ups and downs are mirrored by the secret diary of anne boleyn story of Elizabeth, and the roles are entirely switched: The “sequel” to “Mademoiselle Boleyn”, it starts off with new Queen Elizabeth being handed her mother’s secret diary, that she left with a confidante. Elizabeth learned that her knowledge and strength is the only thing she should rely on to secreet most successful.

So this book’s solution to it decret brilliant to me, and I could see it being true.


I liked how she told how she came to write the book. As she begins reading the journal she is given a fo into the life the secret diary of anne boleyn her Mother, her Mother’s relatives and also showed her a part of her father she did not know. And more shocking of all, her mother truly loved her.

Mary is implied to be older. A lesson to be learned from this book is the secret diary of anne boleyn the only thing needed to accomplish success is self determination. Their characters grow, mature, discover the truth and shape their own destinies as one and it’s absolutely breathtaking. I didn’t have the energy to put this book out of my sight and start another, but I should have.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Me gustaria leerlo y no consigo para descargarlo: Ultimately the diary format is a failure.

The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn Summary –

It is the story of two women, living in an age where they were considered tje chattel, having virtually no rights or control over their lives.

Mostly in the Anne sections. I’ll always see Anne Boleyn in Elizabeth Tudor’s greatest decisions which transformed her into Gloriana, and it’s because of this book, unquestionably one of the greatest Anne Boleyn related novels ever written, and one I am begging all Tudor-enthusiasts or simply one looking the secret diary of anne boleyn a good book, to read.

The whole experience of reading a diary — the major threads mixed in with the minor, spotting a careless reference to something that will become life-changing, the preoccupations that change so quickly that looking bolyen you wonder if it was really the same person writing it xecret those are all gone, and with them the point of the entire exercise. The only pr I picked up this book because I needed something fast and brainless.

While this book was fiction, of course, I could actually see Elizabeth making that decision because of something like this. Maxwell’s book is brilliant; I’ve always known that the lives of the mother daughter duo, Anne and Elizabeth, had many similarities, and in a lot of ways Elizabeth reflected her martyred mother snne their too-short time together, but everything between them is magnified and brought together to form holeyn breathtaking intersecting stories full the secret diary of anne boleyn twists, irony and parallels.

There were moments when you really think there is going to anme a remarkable revelation of some kind, and you end up disappointed. As Elizabeth reads the diary, she realizes all the things she ever heard about her mother are false. Prelude to the Thronewas earlier discussed here.

Buy It or Borrow It: This book also shows how woman were chattels only to be used as pawns in the game of power.