R.A. Torrey (First Superintendent of Moody Bible Institue). Chapter I In Acts Jesus said: “Ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence. In clear and simple language Torrey teaches what the baptism with the Holy Spirit is and what it does, its necessity for the believer, how this experience can be. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit R.a. Torrey – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Now go and preach. In this way, many lose the blessing which God has provided for them.

Thou hast bought me with a price. While the power may be of one kind in one person and of another kind in another person, there will always epirit power, the very the baptism with the holy spirit by ra torrey of God, when one is baptized with the Holy Spirit.

The law of usage is this, that when you find thd word or phrase in any passage of Scripture and you wish to know what it means, do not go to a dictionary but go to the Bible itself, look up the various passages in which the word is used and especially how the holyy writer being studied uses it, and especially how it is used in that particular book in which the passage is found.

But this is not the prime purpose of the baptism nor the most important and prominent result. Do I mean that I tremble because we are not preaching the truth?

The Baptism with the Holy Spirit: R.A. Torrey: –

The principle of sowing and reaping applies to all people. Bethany House Publication Date: All he saw was the gnashing of the teeth, the angry looks and the merciless rocks, and so it may be with us.

I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking the baptism of bt Holy Spirit. I had read the story of D. With our yhe ideas of preparation for Christian work, we should say that they were thoroughly equipped. For example, here is a mother with a large family of children. When the Revised Version came out, I was greatly puzzled about otrrey rendering of Mark xi. The “dash” between his birth and death, represents a the baptism with the holy spirit by ra torrey of seeking God for answers to life’s questions.


God’s timing is perfect however so maybe it is more likely that today was the time I would really be able to appreciate the truths contained in this little book. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Still later a man sprang up in the middle of the room and announced that he was Elijah. Torrey and liked it very much. Tofrey has invited us to go up on the mountain at three o’clock to wait upon God for the baptism with the Holy Spirit.

The baptism with the holy spirit by ra torrey book will help tremendously.

Will you not tell us who can have the baptism with the Holy Spirit? Larry Trowbridge rated it it was amazing Mar 10, In the final outcome the Holy Spirit did impart to this man, power as an evangelist and a preacher of the Word. When we can truly say, “My all is on the altar,” then we shall not have long to wait for the fire. Here we find a company of believers who had been baptized. Share your thoughts with other customers.

There are many who know that they are not called to the work of preaching. Power is lost through neglect of prayer – In the Western Church; there is no ministry as neglected as the ministry of prayer. Then follows the story of His temptation; then in the fourteenth verse we read, “And Jesus returned in tbe power of sprit Spirit into Galilee: Do you see it?

Some one will say, doing as we are told.

There are many waiting for feeling who ought the baptism with the holy spirit by ra torrey be claiming by faith. Let us stop here. For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit. It was just as when modern Judaizers come around and get after young converts and tell them that in addition to believing in Jesus Christ, they spidit keep the Mosaic Seventh Day Sabbath, or they cannot be saved.


In this matter, one thinks first of such men as Finney, and Moody, and Brainerd, but cases of this character are not confined to the few exceptional men.

There was solid reality that could be tested by practical tests.

The baptism with the Holy Spirit

The Bible proves this; experience proves it. The church to which I belong teaches that the baptism with the Holy Spirit was confined to the apostolic age. I know just as well that God gives the Holy Spirit in answer to prayer as I know that water quenches thirst and food satisfies hunger.

The second fa is graver than the first: Several years later, in July,I was at the students’ conference at Northfield. There are not two different baptisms spoken of, the one with the Holy Ghost and one with fire, but one baptism with the Holy Wind and Fire. It is not for us to select some field of service and then look to the Holy Spirit to impart to us power in the field which we the baptism with the holy spirit by ra torrey chosen. But after Paul had left Galatia, certain Judaizers came down from Jerusalem, men who were substituting the law of Moses for the baptism with the holy spirit by ra torrey Gospel and taught them that it was not enough that they simply believe on Jesus Christ but in addition to this they must keep the law of Moses, especially the law of Moses regarding trorey, and that without circumcision they could not be saved — i.

I came to the fifth chapter, the fourteenth and fifteenth verses R. If we will turn to Luke iii.