Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Shobhaa De is one of India’s top bestselling authors. Starry Nights – Kindle edition by Shobhaa De. Download it once and. Review on Starry Nights – Shobha De Starry. Nights is Shobha’s second book. I ‘m sure she had written the story with an eye on the market instead of any real. Shobha De’s novel Starry Nights is a novel which depicts different faces Indians. Rachel Dwyer in an article, “Starry Nights: The Novels of Shobha De”.

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I knew what was in the store because of shobhw occasional readings of Stardust and her columns. And kind of hard to get through with all the Hindi. She meets Jamie and marries him two pages later. Pictures an actress’s life accurately.

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14 Lines That Could Only Have Been Written By Shobhaa De

I kept waiting for the big climax to come, for the plot to thicken, but alas, it never happened. Starry Nights Shobhaa De Limited preview – Sudha Rani is badly burned and is forced out of the film industry, and Aasha reconciles with her. Do I recommend it? I actually wonder why people use the word sleep around for having sex. The plot is wafer-thin. This page was last edited on 14 Octoberat Click here to know more.

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Bollywood Nights

I was so over the book midway through but, I was determined to continue in hopes that somehow, by a miracle, something positive would develop. The only reasons I give it two stars is because I did finish the book, and I believe this was translated from Hindi so I’m willing to allow that a lot of the original feeling of the book may be lost in translation. Ne va pas croire que le mariage y change q He advise her to sleep with the appropriate people to secure her role and renamed Viji as ‘Aasha Rani’.


There is a lot of india language in it, but you do not need to be able to know what it is, because as you get into the book you just learn to understand and you figure it out what she means. I often want to read books about cultures that are foreign to me so I can learn something and get a glimpse into how other people like, work, and play. Notify me when there hsobha a new review. By then it’s too late. I wouldn’t recommend this book unless you have massive quantities of time on your hands and you’ve read every Starduse magazine your mummy brought home from the local Indian grocery store.

The moral of the story I got was men are all horny jerks and women only become big stars when they think with their lower female parts. After she recovers she rekindles her affair with Abhijit Mehra, but Malini, Akshay’s wife, reports this to his father and he has his weak-willed son Abhijit cut the affair off and sends Aasha to New Zealand with instructions to keep out of Abhijit’s life.

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Starry Nights – Wikipedia

Simply because it is filthy and inconsistent writing at its racy best. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. The main character complies meekly and without thought for most of the book. This is her story—from her days as a vulnerable small-town girl, pushed by her ambitious mother into sleeping her way to the top, to getting her first break from Kishenbhai, the small-time distributor who never stops loving her, to sealing her career under the patronage of the deadly Bombay don Sheth Amirchand.


I had kind of been looking forward to reading this book.

While I can see how some of this certainly could be happening, it was so extreme in the book that it also felt unrealistic. It makes sense that this book rings so close to the real life stories of the bollywood industry because De was a model and editor of several bollywood tabloid mags.

The character doesn’t improve in any sense throughout the nigts.

This is a light read, lots of action, fastpaced and just about the right amount of nithts and four-letter words this side of acceptability. I think I was quite disappointed with the characters and wanted to slap them all and get them told. I’m sure only the author ,and the press I’m sure, only know the real deal.

But if you’re going to be good, be the best.

I didn’t connect with any of the characters and I actually really disliked the main character. One day she asks Akshay Arora to get marry to her but he refuses and due to this she attempts suicide. Claudio Marinesco Cover photograph. Paradise and Other Stories. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.