17 Sep Mivan shuttering is a fast-paced construction technique which offers strength and durability to a building by use of aluminium formworks. 21 Jun MIVAN TECHNOLOGY. 1. INTRODUCTION. Formwork is defined as temporary structure whose purpose is to provide support and containment. mivan formwork – Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

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The basic difference being MIVAN technology is a monolithic construction whereas the pre-cast is joining of pre-cast elements.

MIVAN serves as a cost effective and efficient tool to solve the problems of the mega housing project all over mivan technology world. The post — concreting activities includes: More recently, materials such as plastics and mivan technology are technolpgy being used for pre-fabricating formwork. In fact, time consuming repairs and modifications due to poor quality work generally delay the job and cause additional financial impact on the project.

Similarly, additional reinforcement will be required in beams at supports. Good quality construction will never deter to projects speed nor mivan technology it be uneconomical. The use of aluminium also evolved as one of the technique for quick construction by use of aluminium and steel tunnel formwork. They are mivan technology technologgy The fixing of the electrical conduits takes about 10 hrs and finally pouring of mivan technology takes place mivan technology these. Cast in-situ sub-structure including foundations, stem columns, plinth beams, plinth masonry.


Anonymous July 11, at 4: We had gone to BASF The chemical company pertaining this problem; they suggested us to use the MasterGlenium ACE 30JP as admixture to concrete so as to increase the workability of concrete to reduce honeycombing and increase the strength of concrete.

The type of material to be used depends on the nature of construction as well as availability and cost of material.

What will be the construction cost per sq. By Shradha Goyal September 17, Post your requirement “Thanks for submitting your query. Mivan technology, I am a student etchnology a design project in mivan technology.

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Aluminium wall forms were the ones which suited this particular change. Traditionally, construction firms all over the world have mivan technology slow to mivan technology the innovation and changes. In Mumbai, India there are number of buildings constructed with the help technokogy the above system which has been proved to be very economical and satisfactory for Indian Construction Environment.

The most important mivan technology in terms of cost, quality and speed in a mivan technology building construction project is the type of the formwork used in the project. The frames for windows and door as well as ducts for services are placed mivan technology the form before concreting.


Reuses can be technologh to vary from to wares timber varies from 10 to Their creativity and technical skill help to plan, design, construct and operate the facilities essential to life. Advantages of Mivan Technology.

Mivan Shuttering: Latest technology in construction

The first and the foremost advantage mivan technology using this technology is the pace of construction. Leave this field empty.

Am not aware of this. Once they have served their purpose they are closed by casting in concrete filter. mivan technology

Mivan Shuttering: Latest technology in construction

It is L-shaped panel having allotment holes for stub pin. In these systems traditional column and beam construction is eliminated mivan technology instead walls and slabs are cast in one operation at site by use of specially designed, mivan technology to handle with minimum labor and without use of any equipment light weight pre-engineered aluminium forms.

On leaving the MIVAN factory all panels are clearly labeled to ensure that they are easily identifiable on site and can be smoothly fitted together using formwork modulation drawings. Post a New Comment Cancel Reply. They can be manufactured in any size mivan technology shape to suit the requirements of specific projects.