Variety Eucheuma denticulatum var. endong Trono & Ganzon-Fortes, Environment. marine. Original description. Not documented. Descriptive notes. Eucheuma denticulatum (Burm.f.) Collins & Herv Indonesia: agar-agar, agar besar (common names for all Eucheuma and Kappaphycus spp.). Fig. 1. Eucheuma denticulatum branch showing the cylindrical axis with rings of spinous primary initially-determinate branches, some of which have become.

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The Value Euchema resulting is equal to the product of the individual evaluations in the columns to the left. Following a final draining, the treated material may be dried whole, or chopped and dried.

The floating cage method protected the seaweeds from the various herbivores. The very valuable work of Lim et al. The difference in growth of Eucheuma between floating cages and longline was less prominent over days in April-July when herbivorous fish were not present.

Conversely, off-shore flat shallow reef areas with moderate water movement are unfavourable for E. Rational harvesting routines that replant young material and sell the oldest can be instituted; these will yield more carrageenan per ton of seaweed and higher quality-gel. Clonal propagation of Eucheuma denticulatum and Kappaphycus alvarezii for Philippine seaweed farms.

Raking the bottom under the farm lines and fertilizing seem to enhance productivity, but perhaps will not produce economically significant increases in it.

A study of the phycocolloids from Gelidium madagascariense and Eucheuma denticulatum Rhodophyta collected on the south coast of Madagascar.

Eucheuma denticulatum (PROSEA) – PlantUse English

In this way ice-ice acts as an agent in vegetative reproduction: In Indonesia, seaweed cultivation methods have not been altered. The carrageenan content and quality of cultured material and denticuatum seaweed is much influenced by post-harvest treatment. The amount of time required is increased by the travel time to and from the farm construction site and by the tides.


It affects growth in such ways as change in mass growth ratedifferentiation formreproduction and production of the hydro-colloid materials for which Eucheuma is prized. In some other places government participation in efforts to “facilitate” farmer leasing have been as much a barrier to success as an aid.

Empowerment of coastal communities in cultivation and processing of Kappaphycus alvarezii: Agardh Rhodophyta, Solieriaceae using carrageenases, infrared and 13C-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

The similarly essential biological factors are considered in Section 5.

Eudheuma algae of Bermuda. The use of the floating methods raft and long lines has virtually eliminated the effect of benthic grazers such as sea urchins and starfish. The lower growth rates reported e. These euchekma first obvious as residents of Eucheuma thalli when they are soft pink objects just above a centimeter in length. Carrageenans form synergistically desirable substances with other hydrocolloids and are chemically modifiable in many ways, giving them a wide variety of useful special qualities.

For floating cages, the average growth of E. Many things including people, other animals, or boats, or flotsam passing through the plantings may break them asunder.

Water motion is most important. How to cite this article: Denticulqtum, Farming the red seaweed, Eucheuma. Basically carrageenans are d-galactopyranoses alternately paired by alpha and beta linkages.

After some months the remaining few rabbit fish are timid and, being fast agile swimmers, are usually seen from above the water surface as swiftly darting shadows.

For Eucheuma, deep water habitats are of no commercial importance. In situ observations on preferential grazing of seaweeds by some herbivores. The segment may remain there for a day or two but soon dissolves away, separating the two adjacent parts of the thallus, which seem to be otherwise unaffected. Manual on farming of Eucheuma spinosum. The efficiency of tubular netting method of cultivation for Kappaphycus alvarezii Rhodophyta, Gigartinales on the southeastern Brazilian coast.


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Longline, known as tie-tie in the Philippines, is the most common method used deniculatum cultivate K. Human feelings about turtles are very strong in different places in very different ways.

A positive correlation was found between seaweed growth and the level of nitrate and phosphate, particularly between June and September Fig. The activities of Protoreaster have been described Thomassin in regards its microalgal herbivory. The others are almost all farmed.

Eucheuma denticulatum () Collins & Hervey :: Algaebase

While harvesters usually carry a large knife; this and even hats and shoes are not requisite to wild crop harvesting. A high market demand encourages early harvesting but leads to poor “seed” selection for replanting.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Haploid male and female gametophytes are produced from meiospores released by tetrasporophytes, suggesting a genetic determination of sexual phenotypes.

The first level of sophistication might be a container in which to accumulate the Eucheuma as it is picked. Such losses in weight and color increase the value of the crop, but this is at the farmer’s expense, unless the greater effort and loss of weight bring a compensatory higher first sale price.