Earths Forbidden Secrets Part 2 on The Book of Light | Should be a good read when it comes out 26 Oct For My Son Daniel Earths Forbidden Secrets Part Two The History Makers By Maxwell Igan Prologue “Everything we do now must be done in a. Earths Forbidden History. Part One. Searching for the Past. By. Maxwell Igan 1. Enigma & Conspiracy. 2. Riddles from the Past. The Piri Reis Map of

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Gallery of Giants Ebook: The arguments and conclusions contained in this work are the accumulated result of over 25 years of investigation and personal research.

Earths Forbidden Secrets Part 2

While other inorganic objects were dated by dating the rock strata they were found in and other standard geological methods. At the ancient site, standing upright in a courtyard, there can be found a tall flat stone that has a striking feature on it The entire complex is actually quite remarkable, featuring a huge doorway complete with lintels that has been cut from a single stone and many other odd shapes that appear to have earths forbidden secrets part 2 machined including this one fig.

And it must be clearly understood here that in the case of archeology and even evolution, theories are earths forbidden secrets part 2 no more than ideas earths forbidden secrets part 2 possibilities; one person putting forth what they see as a rational scenario based on the various information or artifacts they have personally been able gather and study. In the first book of this series it was made abundantly clear that our history is simply not what we have been led to believe and as unfortunate as it may be to admit, there comes a time when we must face the fact that we have been lied to, on all counts, by earths forbidden secrets part 2 we have entrusted to guide us.

Because no matter what your evidence or theories are, nothing gets past peer review. But before we try and find where the answers to our puzzle may lie, let’s investigate what kind of body of evidence for an Ancient civilization of advanced technology actually does exist, in what form it takes and whether we are presented with anything that truly cannot be explained.

Albert Einstein also said: Enigmatic references and hints of a hidden book or code with which we may be able to unlock these mysteries of our past and future.

Electroplating is a technique that was previously thought to be only recently discovered however such small voltage is perfect for electroplating objects and may help to explain the discovery of pieces of earths forbidden secrets part 2 gold jewelry found at sites in Egypt.


Every stone depicts an image etched into the surface of the rock in earthd lines, not scratched on by repeated lines. Exrths briefly explain the dating of carved stone: All a conspiracy actually consists of is two or more people, maybe even a committee, deciding to do something in order to achieve a mutually earths forbidden secrets part 2 outcome for themselves – and not really telling anyone else about it.

These filament devices also look very similar to a device known as ‘Crooke’s Frobidden fig. Of course back in the 15 th century it was Christian suicide bombers like Guy Fawkes trying to blow up Fodbidden and not those who embrace Islam, but the same extremist misinterpretation of doctrines was earths forbidden secrets part 2 forbifden then.

From that moment, all interest in comic books was gone and for hours Forbideen would pore over my mother’s encyclopedias. The device is in fact, basically a laden jar; when a mixture of copper sulphate and acetic acid citrus juice or vinegar was added to these excavated pots they produced around 2 volts of electricity. One patient had obviously suffered a serious head injury and the prehistoric surgeon had neatly plugged the fracture by using a carefully shaped wedge that had been delicately crafted from animal bone.

In a far cry from gold, what the prospectors found were some highly unusual and mostly spiral-shaped objects earths forbidden secrets part 2. The book is not written to teach you anything it is merely a book writen to inform the reader of certain aspects of this world that may have been over looked when history was written.

Earths Forbidden Secrets: Part 1 Searching for the Past

Author tried to gather mysterious facts from different time periods, from Piri Reis map to megalithic aerths. It has been theorized to have been built to serve as everything from a tomb, gorbidden an initiation chamber, to a cosmic beacon, to a giant water pump and many other things besides.

Remarkably, the map also depicts several land masses bearing their correct longitudes even though longitude itself was not discovered earths forbidden secrets part 2 the late ‘s either. The tip of Antarctica can be seen sticking up on the bottom right. What if our history did not actually run as has so far been believed?

Full text of “Earths Forbidden Secrets Part (PDFy mirror)”

Precession earths forbidden secrets part 2 the result of a slow axial wobble the earth mainyains as it travelles around the sun so how could that possibly be? And it’s here that the story becomes even more intriguing. I mean in reality, isn’t earths forbidden secrets part 2 what politics is actually all about? Even Astrolabes that have been recovered from vessels that sank millennia later look simplistic by comparison as this diagram shows fig.


Undoubtedly one of the most intriguing of these fields must surely be the study of ‘Ooparts’ or ‘Out-Of-Place- Artifacts’ though often the study of these Ooparts can present a good deal more questions than it can answers.

The story it told was astounding, to say the least for the discs told the tale of a spaceship, perhaps like a probe or scout ship, from a distant planet that crash-landed in the Himalaya Mountains region thousands of years ago.

Spells of the Romany Gypsies. Shouldn’t all avenues be exhausted before being dismissed, until the whole and real truth is found? The lines were probably first brought to the wider attention of the world by Eric Von Daniken in his book “The Chariots of the Gods.

Some sedimentary deposits that were found in the samples were from sea water that had flowed into the area and were even actually datable. What the results of the tests surprisingly showed, was that the sphere was in fact balanced perfectly and exactly.

Anyone know were it is or if there is one?? He earths forbidden secrets part 2 just never realized it would get so out of hand. The event caused mass extinctions among many species by covering the entire globe with a cloud of dust and debris plunging the planet into a nuclear winter and a devastating ice age. Lots of unanswered questions earths forbidden secrets part 2 after reading this book.

Where was he able to gain that information from? Its still waiting to be completed.

Forbidven earths forbidden secrets part 2 quite literally, no such thing as ‘new coal’. However, in those 27 years since the discovery of the first disc, archeologists and anthropologists had also learned a good deal more about the secretw Bayan-Kara-Ula region and much of earths forbidden secrets part 2 information seemed to corroborate the bizarre story recorded on the discs.

Either the blocks of the retaining wall were transported so far back in antiquity that all trace of the road has long since disappeared, or: In objects that contain organic material, the Radio-carbon dating method was used.