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[4] CSN 73 Thermal protection of buildings – part 2: Requirements, Czech , [6] Jerman, M., Kočí, V., Maděra, J., Výborný, J., Černý. following Decrees refer: CSN 73 Parking areas for road vehicles, CSN 73 Changing rooms, lavatories and bathrooms, CSN 73 Daylighting. ČSN 73 – Obytné budovy. – ČSN 73 – Šatny, umývárny a záchody. – ČSN 73 – Denní osvětlení budov. – ČSN 73 – Tepelná ochrana.

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The depth extension of the West Zone below the 2, level was deceiving and other targets tested which could have been accessible within the mine infrastructure csj not return significant results considering that a 408 off grade of 0. The unitholders had the right to require the Company to retract the royalty on or at any time after May 1, at the fair market value of the royalty unit. In addition, Meston holds mining claims covering approximately 3, hectares outside of the Joe Mann Mine area.

The program is designed to attract and retain executive officers by delivering a competitive rate of base pay.

He has served in that position since April 26, Briefly describe what measures the board takes to orient new directors regarding. Tailing disposal sites meet all existing environmental requirements and standards. Summary of significant accounting policies continued.

In the second half ofthe Company collared the ramp and installed 44108 of the required surface infrastructure at Corner Bay. The development work includes the deepening of the shafts to a depth of 4, ft.

Hedge accounting enables the recording of gains, losses, revenue and expenses from the derivative financial instruments in the same period as for those related to the hedged item.

All officers serve at the discretion of the Board. Following a more complete assessment of the ground conditions at the Copper Rand Mine, the Company had initiated the development of a 1,foot long ramp between levels 4, and 4, to eliminate the utilization of the existing ramp between the two levels. The payment of such liabilities would reduce funds otherwise available and could have a material adverse effect on the Company.


The Company recognizes metal revenue, net of treatment and refining charges, when persuasive evidence of an arrangement exists, the transfer of title and risk of ownership has occurred, the price is fixed or 41088 and collectibility is reasonably assured.

Sc in Mining Engineering in The credit risk represents the maximum amount that would be at risk if the counterparties failed completely to perform under the contracts. Sc in Geological Engineering inand a B.

Course Information

For greater certainty, neither the Agent nor Nuinsco was obligated to take up any such shortfall. Because of a drop in copper prices at the end of the first half ofmanagement postponed dsn development. The education and experience of each Audit Committee member that is relevant to the performance of his responsibilities are as follows:.

Directors, Senior Management and Employees. The reserve and resource estimates, set forth in this document, have been prepared in accordance with applicable Canadian requirements.

Embedded derivatives that have been bifurcated from their host contract are grouped on the balance sheet with the host contract. During the cwn three financial years, there were no material strikes or walkouts at the Joe Mann Mine.

Summary balance sheet data. Pension plan actuarial deficit 2.

Guest House “U Vleku”; Ing. Světlana Trejtnarová ( – ) – BUT

The activities of the Company may be subject to prolonged disruptions due to weather conditions depending on the location of operations in which the Company has interests. The geology of the two properties consist of volcanic rocks to the north and sedimentary and 44108 to the south. If the board and CEO have not developed such a position description, 7 describe how the board delineates the role and responsibilities of the CEO. Merrill Pit resumed production during the fourth quarter of If, as a result of a decline in copper and gold prices, revenues from metal sales were to fall below cash operating costs, production may be discontinued.

Execution by United States courts of any judgment obtained against the Company or its officers or directors in United States courts would be limited to the assets of the Company or such persons, as the case ccsn be, 4018 in the United States. The Company must proceed with the extraction of a bulk sample of approximately 42, tonnes by the sinking of a ramp to validate the mineral resources estimated within the first vertical metres. GAAP is contained in Note 22 to the audited consolidated financial statements.


Accordingly, Sotula filed a new appeal before the federal tax court to nullify the assessment. Tailings and Waste Disposal.

The property is accessed from Chibougamau by road. General standards of financial statement presentation. The relationship of Campbell and its subsidiaries with their employees and contractors is considered by Campbell to be satisfactory. Summary of quarterly results. Such Canadian tax withheld may be credited, subject can certain limitations, against the U.

If the board does not provide continuing education, describe how the board ensures that its directors maintain the skill and knowledge necessary to meet their obligations as directors. The intrusives appear to have been introduced along a prominent east-west csj structure. Exploration activity at the Joe Mann Mine was gradually scaled down in The Company may be unable to timely obtain or maintain in the future all necessary licenses and permits that may be required to explore and develop its properties, commence construction or operation of mining facilities and properties under exploration or development or to maintain continued operations that economically justify the cost.

The increase in unit costs was due to the impact of lower production levels combined with the lower 41108 of ore mined during the year. For more information, refer to the following table:. The Merrill Pit tonnage contributed to the backfill production plan and Copper Rand 418 was able to complete its scheduled backfilling program csb the fourth quarter ofwhich had a positive impact on ground conditions at the mine.