17 Jan Maharashtra Co-operative Housing Society Bye Laws offer a clear set of guidelines for management of cooperative housing societies in the. 13 Mar Smart way to manage your Co-Operative Housing Society. Web based Apartment Home; Blog. Bye Laws for Housing Society in Maharashtra. 19 Aug Tag Archives: Bye Laws for Co-operative Housing Society in Under Section of Maharashtra Societies Act (MCS), society can fight the.

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Current commitee is not paying the terrace flat owners money for the repair due to the terrace leakage. The method involves splitting the charges into two with the first part including all the common expenses lsws on lifts, security staff salary, stationary, property taxes, conveyance, audit fees, meeting charges, common electricity etc.

And hence in the new byelaws the same has been increased to Rs 4, You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Co-operative society: All about new byelaws

Please inform me what is the procedure to be done. In other words while these are more or less the same there could be minor changes depending on which district you fall in whether it is Mumbai, Pune or Thane. Equal Fee for All This is perhaps the simplest of all models where a fixed amount is charged on all apartments. For instance, let us say the monthly maintenance amount payable was Rs Notify me of new posts via email. Also, in my opinion, there are many mistakes in it.


Society under Maharashtra coop doc byelaws is legally bound to pay for damages caused to terrace flats un der building osciety consumer rcourts will uphold ure claim Ross deas Mumbai.

Row houses housign outside of compound wall of society but Builder ragistar society with row houses. You can find some of the popular methods to calculate the maintenance fee for your apartment along with their advantages and disadvantages below:.

What are document required to be submitted to the Industrial society. Since then, the government has made it mandatory for co-operative societies in Maharashtra to adopt the new byelaws. I am Hrushikesh Phatak hrushikesh. That is a seprate entitity. Associate maharasytra means a Member who holds the right, title and interest in the property individually or jointly with others, but whose name does not stand first in the share certificate 3.

Bye Laws for Co-operative Housing Society in Maharashtra.

Sinking fund can be utilized by the society and no permission of the Registrar is needed. You are commenting using your WordPress. Can a committee charge any member any charges in the maintainance bill without passing it in the AGM and without being minuted???? And wociety to approach for the same.

I would like to enquire about Election Rules. Ckoperative most modern complexes, that is not the case and the small apartment owners end up paying an unfair amount of maintenance. If the co op society management committee member resigns, how will his replacement be taken? In our society we have Few row houses few duplex 3 bhk and remaining all are 3 bhk.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. What is the present status of Model Bye Laws, maharashtrs they be said to be adopted socoety be applicable even if they are not registered? Copy of Bye laws, list of members to be kept open for inspection to the public free of charge. The auditor should be a panel auditor and maximum appointment for consecutive three years and maximum 20 audits excluding for societies with a paid capital of less than Rs.


Latest Model Bye Laws, MCS Act and Election Rules as on September 2014

Would you please email model by laws for co-op institite category others. Filing of Annual Mandatory Returns with the Registrar. Taking a compromising root affected members decided to pay the dues without interest but some managing committee members insisting to pay us with interest.

Mandatory filing of Annual returns and auditors appointment should be insisted for. Secretary is not performing his daily duties. Service charges include salary of the office staff, liftmen, watchman, the property taxes, electricity charges, water uousing, etc. How many tenants cold leave in three bed room flat.

Affected members took initiative and got necessary things done.

Under the old byelaws in case you were to transfer your flat, a charge of 2.