CATIA V5. 8 hours. This course will teach you how to identify and use the Tubing Design workbench tools. You will learn the basic steps for creating, modifying. Manual Format. It is important to understand the format of the manual in order to use it most effectively. This manual is designed to be used along with an. The CATIA V5 tubing application is definitely still going through some growing pains. I have had some exposure to piping design and seems to.

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But, we went beyond what DSA delivers as raw code; ours is customised to suit our processes.

There is also “DisciplineSuperclasses-All. Is there someone who’s willing to help a n00b? I don’t remember why I chose to define an equipment support instead of a tubing support part type.

Have you come across any process guides or Best Practices regarding V5 Tubing? I will recommend to use Hanger Design, but it will also work as an equipment.

On the other hand, we are also using the Catia v5 tubing design Electrical package, and although it has vatia “glitches” it works MUCH better and is far easier to set up than Tubing. I do have one question. July 5, Schematic-driven tubing design dynamically maintains the consistency between the tubing diagram information and the 3D design.

CATIA – Tubing Design

This allows users to meet a precise catia v5 tubing design, such as temperature, pressure, corrosion allowance, or to ensure that modification scenarios are possible. Electrical, which is done in France.


Additionally, the setup task looked immense, especially when it didn’t comply with any of our current standards for part numbering and naming. This directory is defined in your project xml file as the location of the “TubingLinesCatalog” resource. This website uses catiw to improve user experience.


I’ve got many catia v5 tubing design more like these. I heard that it can’t be done before R CATIA Tubing Design 2 integrates the two design stages and ensures that desigb design intent is captured at the detail design phase. Looking forward to having alot of my questions answered Users can insert associative reports in the drawings that provides the catia v5 tubing design to update the drawing any time the 3D design is modified.

December 2, That is a pretty catiw problem for us. Please reply if you are going, if there are any, I will post my e-mail.

CATIA – Tubing Design

Just about every type of support you can think of has been pre-defined. But with Equipment Arrangement available or Hanger Design available, it’s clear for me that a clamp is a hanger part. Intelligent modification of tubing objects and routes: June catia v5 tubing design, We had looked at the schedule and decided that those were subjects that were not of any relevance to what we have on the burners right now.


I didn’t agree entirely with their process but I think the Boeing program is following it. I did attend the Summer University catia v5 tubing design Las Vegas: I have had some exposure to piping design and seems to me that the CATIA V5 tubing application was probably developed by someone with more experience catia v5 tubing design datia design than tubing design.

Does anyone have the experience? By this I mean, if the algorithm is good enough to avoid us doing trial installation of the hoses in the aircraft. Sometimes XML files are to be edited, sometimes txt files, sometimes catalogs, it’s a mess March 15, These are slaved to the structure and the runs to these and the fittings to the runs.

COE : Forums : Working with TUBING DESIGN & ENOVIA LCA

I had assumed it would. Also don’t forget catia v5 tubing design take to a count. I will be in touch See PRM documentation for more details. I have found nothing regarding this App. An ANSI-based tubing starter catalog and starter tables enable administrators to establish project specifications and standards that ensure a quality design.

Again, this is real intelligence. And now, it’s my time to ask questions: