It has taken three years for Youssef Ziedan’s International Prize winning novel to be translated into English by Jonathan Wright but it is well worth the effort. 22 Jun Set in the fifth century in Egypt and Syria, the Egyptian writer Youssef Ziedan’s novel is narrated by a humble and tormented doctor monk, Hypa. 26 Mar Two years since the author took home the International Prize for Arabic Fiction, his winning book Azazel is finally available in English.

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Jonathan Wright’s translation captures with clarity the commotion surrounding the various beliefs and heresies of the times. Closer to Hypa the hypostatis Pharisee monk vies with him on dogma, ideology, the nature of holiness. Cyril is engaged in a war of persecution against Jews, heretics and pagans.

The questions he asks are as important as the answers he finds. The winner of the prestigious International Prize for Arabic Fiction.

We’ve found that while readers like to know what we think of a book they find additional reader reviews a massive help in deciding if it is the right book for them. Distance and secularity suggest most English-speaking readers are likely to approach the novel superbly translated by Jonathan Wright yousef slightly less baggage. It is a novel with something for everyone, a novel that lends to the personal knowledge of the author, a novel that is accessible by the intellectual and the dreamer.

Show 25 25 50 All. The prize, youdsef the controversy that followed, might explain why it’s sold more than a million copies in Egypt. Located a few miles north of Aleppo, it is already a broken place with a qzazel monks and an Abbot.

The novel, which purports to be the memoirs of a passionate fifth-century monk, was seen by some as a broadside attack on Christianity. I did not want to present an entertaining story or tale, I wanted to present him with a provocative text that would interact with the readers on a deep level.


Although each edition represents the sale of only 5, copies, this represents big business in Egyptian book sales. The novel is about a young lady, yousdef years old. His novels were translated to French, Italian and Russian among other languages.

The philosopher emperor Marcus Aurelius has been emperor for only a few months and Persia has invaded the Roman Empire. He is undergoing an inner and outer journey, learning as he travels.

Youssef Ziedan

Nestorius consults Hypa on a single trip as he feuds with Cyril, leaves Hypa youswef never be seen again; heard about through reports of excommunication. His journey of the soul, with multiple temptations accompanies his travels and meanderings from his homeland in southern Egypt, to Alexandria and on Jerusalem and beyond.

Caligula Douglas Jackson 7. This view forms the basis of his re-editing of the ziedann philosophical parable of Hayy Ibn Yaqzan in his Hayy Ibn Yaqzan: This text is a necessary read for those who search for the seeds of tolerance in the history of a land that has suffered intense and frequent devastations.

Recipients of the Arabic Booker Prize. Had the book been under attack solely by fringe Muslim groups, one would assume this to be a selling point for many Western book-buyers. Glad to have discovered your blog! Based on real historical event Romulus and Fabiola are twins, born into slavery after their mother is raped by a drunken nobleman on his way home from a good night out. The reader is introduced to Hypa, an Egyptian monk, a healer who is writing to be free of troubles and seemingly tormented to write these scrolls by a being called Azazeel within his imagination and within his spirit.

He joined the philosophy department at the University of Alexandria and graduated summa cum laude. Watched passion and rage both within a single person and inside an entire city. December 25, mlynxqualey. Hypa leaves Alexandria, heartbroken, and spends the rest of the novel scratching around the Holy Land, perplexed by life, religion, medicine, the devil Azazeel, and women. Lion of Macedon David Gemmell 8. He has placed consistent emphasis on the study of Ibn Arabi and Abdul Karim al-Jiliregarded as two of the most important figures of philosophical Sufism in wzazel history of Islam.


Beside the historical and religious elements, it is insightful into the nature of healing.

He is a university professor, a public lecturer, a columnist and a prolific author of more than 50 books. Human passions, noble and vain are portrayed against a varied panorama that depicts the destruction of temples and the serenity of fertile pastures. It is perfect for a monk with a troubled soul. An archaeologist in a time and place close to that of modern troubled Syria discovers thirty scrolls.

Azazeel by Youssef Ziedan book review

L iterary awards thrive on controversy, and in the Egyptian writer Youssef Ziedan caused plenty in his homeland when Azazeel won the International Prize for Arabic Fiction. According to him, [ citation needed ] cataloguing is the key to have a panoramic view of a particular manuscript heritage.

The fluent evocative prose flows like a meandering river or a ribbon connecting continuously the present moment with the ancient world. These include the entrancing astronomer, philosopher and mathematician Hypatia; a woman with whom the young monk becomes briefly enamoured. Azazeel, made me addicted to Dr Youssef writings either as books or novels. He is in essence a poet, a hermit and a healer. His catalogues are mostly thematic, i. A door thus opens into an ancient world and the emerging vista stretches from the present into the distant past, as if eliciting an omnipresent dimension to reality.

All of which makes it easy to forget that Azazeel is actually a novel. I found that Youssef Ziedan spoke to me on history, on early Christianity, on politics, on logical and madness.