A blog about teen fiction author Stasia Ward Kehoe, craft of writing, and work-life balance. When high school junior Sara wins a coveted scholarship to study ballet, she must sacrifice everything for her new life as a professional. Told through free-verse poetry, Kehoe’s first novel about an aspiring ballerina pairs Audition. Stasia Ward Kehoe. Viking, $ (p) ISBN.

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In the context of the story, though, this makes complete sense: She’s infatuated and creates wonderful dances with him, but is dancing her dream anymore?

I’m talking about the lack of beginning middle and ending of the story. In the end, Sara did finally seem to be making choices of her own, but otherwise I feel she was just auditioh and fake.

It was like the author just hit enter in the middle of sentences and called it good. There aard pages that had as little as 10 words or so but I actually found those pages to say more, to have more of an impact then some of the fuller pages. My Vermont accent, Inferior as my angular ports de bras, Reveals my rural roots, basement ballet technique.

Ashes in the Snow Wafd Tie-In. I just know the general values of the scene. At least, one by the name of Remington is. Nancy Springer and Serena Blasco.

Stasia Ward Kehoe

This debut novel in verse is as intense and romantic as it is eloquent. Alongside Sara, I felt plunged in a world full of pressure, doubt and the lonely struggle of an artist. As Sara climbs up her ballet class ladder and goes from hunter green leotard to grey, Snowflake to Aurora, so too does her poisonous relationship with Remington. I liked that she doesn’t just magically become amazing. But what I liked so much about reading these two books is the synergy between them.

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Soon they start to have a brewing, sexy, secretive relationship. Audition really explores the attraction of these types of relationships, especially the younger girl-slightly older, very talented, dude dynamic. I did love the writing though and with the ballet motions, it just brought the characters to life.

Sometimes she just had these amazing, adult, moments of clarity but then she would slide right back in to her sixteen-year-old, unsure skin. Given how much her character seems to like reading, you would think she would know that. I do wish for some kind of closure, an end to certain things, but overall I did enjoy this book. Can she find fulfillment in the dances she does perform, or will she be stuck giving away her body and soul day after day without ever feeling quite good enough to achieve her dreams?

The fact that Audition was a verse novel made me like the book. He has a girlfriend, but they seem on rocky ground.

Seven Trees of Stone. I couldn’t quite tell, and at that point I wasn’t about to flip back a few pages to look again; I just wanted to get to the end. keehoe

The most common tempo for a metronome is beats per minute placing her extremely long silence at half a second. Training is a gruelling affair and the weight of success rests heavy on her shoulders — when she thinks of all warrd who are so sure she will excel. And for some reason, Sara takes this to mean that he wanted to ask her out, so when he, obviously, ends up with her friend, she feels rejected.


Audition – Stasia Ward Kehoe – Google Books

It’s all so foreign to me, but I was able to imagine it – once I searched up the terminology. At first, she loves being Rem’s muse, but as she discovers a surprising passion for writing, she begins to question whether she’s chosen the right path. Sara, at the age of sixteen, is a child in many ways when she arrives in auditipn A beautifully told novel in verse from debut author, Stasia Ward Kehoe.

Also, her dancer girl friends kind of morphed together for me.

Well, they might be the biggest challenge for her. She seems audtion mature than other girls her age since she is living away from home and living her kejoe while embarking on her first relationship. Audition is a slow-burning, character-driven kind of novel. Draws it beneath my stomach. But it’s just such a dumb book that I would not recommend to anyone. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Does he really love her or is he using her simply as his muse? I completely understand Sara and her feelings, but I could have used just a bit more here.