Vol. 2, Page THE GNOSTICS AND PYTHAGORAS. § XXIV. THE CROSS AND THE PYTHAGOREAN DECADE. The early Gnostics claimed that their. Title: A Doutrina Secreta – Vol. 2 – Simbolismo Arcaico Universal – Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Page number ISSUU Downloader is a free to use tool for. A Doutrina Secreta – Vol. 2 – Simbolismo Arcaico Universal. uploaded by. uploader avatar bartolomeukuma · H P Blavatsky – A Doutrina Secreta – volume IV – O.

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Is it to be wondered, then, that the metaphysical gradually dwindled serceta into the physical nature; that the Sun, once upon a doutrina secreta volume 2 time the symbol of Deitybecame, as aeons glided by, that of its creative ardour only; and that thence it fell into a glyph of phallic significance? Botanists are now searching for the nerves of plants; not that they suppose that plants can feel or think as animals do, but because they believe that some structure, bearing a doutrina secreta volume 2 same relation functionally to plant life that nerves bear to animal life, is necessary to sdcreta vegetable growth and nutrition.

See ” Science and the Emotions.

sexreta The Soul is a number, they said, which moves of itself and contains the number 4; and spiritual and physical man is number 3, as the ternary represented for them not only the surface but also the principle of the formation of the physical body. There was a time, when the Eastern symbol of the Cross a doutrina secreta volume 2 Circle, the Swasticawas universally adopted. When Gautama Buddha began his career, the later and lower form of Yoga seems to have been little known.

Take a line of one unit in breadth by three units long, and place it on an incline; take another of four units long, and lean it upon this one, from an opposite incline, making the top unit of the four in length the corner or apex of a triangle. Furthermore, the records we mean to place before the reader embrace the esoteric tenets of the whole world since the beginning of our humanity, and Buddhistic occultism occupies therein only its legitimate place, and no more.

You can only ignore them, and no more. The conflicting views on the subject of chronology, in the case of the Vedas, of the various eminent philologists and Orientalists, volum Martin Haug down to Mr. As it approaches nearer and nearer to our planet, the Emanation becomes doutina and more shadowy, until upon touching the ground it is as black as night.


This may be put down to ignorance and superstition, yet in view of the teachings of the Secret Doctrine, the answer may be based upon primeval tradition. It was a silent protest against their spoliation, and the Jews have certainly now the better of their traditional persecutors.

It is known at present in its fulness to the very few, having become with the masses for more a doutrina secreta volume 2 5, years an absolutely dead language. Let such believe in and worship secretw physical form of the Cross, by all means. The same tradition speaks of immense subterranean abodes, of large corridors filled with tiles and a doutrina secreta volume 2. Every issue was blocked up, every record that hands could be laid upon, destroyed.

The explanation with regard to the “Anupadaka” given in the Kala Chakra, the first in the Gyu t division of the Kanjur, is half esoteric. That soul becomes with every new voluem more paralyzed and atrophied. It is the sign of every circumference, since its value in degrees is equal to 9, i. Indeed, if the Parabrahmam of the Hindus may be taken as a representative of the hidden and nameless deities secdeta other nations, sdcreta absolute Principle will be found to be the prototype from which all the others were copied.

The E Delphicuma doutrina secreta volume 2 sacred symbol, was the numeral fiveagain; and how sacred it was is shown a doutrina secreta volume 2 the fact seceeta the Corinthians according to Plutarch replaced the wooden numeral in the Delphic Temple by a bronze zecreta and this one was transmuted by Livia Augusta into a fac-simile of gold.

Thus, while new discoveries are daily made of great arts and sciences having existed far back in the night of time, even the knowledge of writing is refused to some of the most ancient nations, and they are doutriina with barbarism instead of culture.

This is precisely what has been done by the believers in an anthropomorphic Creator, an extracosmic, instead of an intracosmic God. Vloume truths are in douutrina sense put forward as a a doutrina secreta volume 2 ; nor does the author claim the position of a revealer of mystic lore, now made public for the first time in the world’s history.

This, in relation to the metaphysical a doutrina secreta volume 2, with regard to the meaning of the Septenary a doutrina secreta volume 2 the phenomenal worldbut for purposes of profane or exoteric interpretation, the symbolism changed. That it was that of the Brachmans decreta Iraniansas they are called by the ancient Greek philosophers, is warranted to us by the whole range of Sanskrit literature, such as the Puranas and the laws of Manu.


Occultist will recognize as one of the “left-hand,” and used in ceremonial magic.

On the one hand, absolute abstract Space, representing bare subjectivity, the one thing which no human mind can either exclude from any conception, or conceive of by itself. Moreover, a considerable part of the philosophy.

Bradley rated it really liked it Mar 31, On the plane below, it becomes one — which is an odd number. It is the fons et origo of force and of all individual consciousness, and supplies the guiding intelligence in the vast scheme of cosmic Evolution.

Title: A Doutrina Secreta – Vol. 2 – Simbolismo Arcaico Universal – Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

douttrina Only those who realize how far Intuition soars above the tardy processes of ratiocinative thought can form the faintest conception of that a doutrina secreta volume 2 Wisdom which transcends the ideas of Time and Space. Hence the student must not expect to find there an account of all the stages and transformations which intervene between the first beginnings of “Universal” evolution and our present state. Thus from Spirit, or Cosmic Ideation, comes our consciousness; from Cosmic Substance the several vehicles in which that consciousness is individualised and attains to self — or reflective a doutrina secreta volume 2 consciousness; while Fohat, in its various manifestations, is the mysterious link between Mind and Matter, the animating principle electrifying every atom into life.

For this vital Force, that makes the seed germinate, burst open and throw out shoots, then form the trunk and branches, which, in their turn, bend down like the boughs sscreta the Aswatthathe holy Tree of Bodhi, throw their seed out, take root and procreate other trees — this is the only Force that has reality for him, as it is the never-dying breath of life.


But it is not so; for, as now ascertained, most of them contained the true keys to works still extant, and entirely incomprehensible, for the greater portion of their readers, without those additional volumes of Commentaries and explanations. It was the point from which the doutrlna roads — the Good and the A doutrina secreta volume 2 — bifurcated.

Thus, an iron ball placed under the scorching rays of the sun will get heated through, but will not feel or appreciate the warmth, while a man will.