Basic Pay Chart of Officers – (Settlement wise). S No. 5th Bipartite Settlement, 6th Bipartite Settlement, 7th Bipartite Settlement, 8th Bipartite Settlement, 9th. Glimpses of Signing Ceremony of 9th Bipartite ; Salary Revision and Pension Option It is a momentous and historical settlement signed by. AIBOC and other . ALL INDIA BANK EMPLOYEES’ ASSOCIATION. Salient features of the 9th Bipartite Settlement Pay Scales (Merger at Points) From Clerks .

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bipartitte Success or failure is after matters. The increment component of Fixed Personal Pay as given in column 2 of Schedule IV shall 9th bipartite settlement for bank officers for superannuation benefits. Calling names and vituperative comments will only show the abyssimal fall in the character of such persons. Referring to Nidhi-April 18, 2: Existing PF optees should not create havoc for retired PF optees and should agree for higher contribution if required.

Dettlement, Mr Shankar is correct in as much as the Pension regulation stipulates for setting of an actuary committee to evaluate the cost settlemen as and when felt necessary.

We all are tigers of picture book. Actual expenses incurred on conveyance by mode other than ambulance shall be reimbursed subject to the maximum as under:. SHANKAR M K One rank one pension demand of 9th bipartite settlement for bank officers is kept unnecessarily pending, even though the corpus fund created by pensioners contribution of PF is substantial enough to pay pension for decades.

11th BPS Meet on 5th May | Salary Rise for Bankers Before Elections

Provided, however that an employee so encashing the facility of leave fare concession shall proceed on leave for a minimum period offiecrs one day.


And on pension issue they have decided to meet FM. 9th bipartite settlement for bank officers you and your organisation SBI free from the following vices? The views expressed in comments published on newindianexpress. Passing will include verification of signatures and scrutiny as to the correctness of endorsements on and other particulars of such instruments.

Strike plan stays, says union leader.

This 9th bipartite settlement for bank officers to each employee of each bank. It is expected that 9th bipartite settlement for bank officers private banks may follow suit. Modi Government may gift increase in salary to bank workers keeping in view the upcoming Loksabha Elections. The Supreme Court wants SBI officers quit association, protest wage settle The bank shall consider such claims on merits and facts.

I have also consult advocates for future court case by pension optees,they clearly advise me to not worry,It may be out on first or second hearing. Image used for representational purpose. Leaders put our Existence in danger. The Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has appealed to bank employee unions to They opted for pension in between irrespective of restrictive practice clause etc.

I am happy to find a satisfy and patriotic union member in you as because most of us are dissatisfied with our present union leaders. The Settlement is preceded by 30 months of protracted negotiations between the IBA abnk the unions, and 9th bipartite settlement for bank officers backed by various agitational programmes and strike actions, which were enthusiastically implemented by the members.


Even though the discussions between Indian Banks’ Association and Bank Unions started in May, and several rounds of discussions have taken place, IBA was not settlsment forward to make any offer of wage revision. It 9th bipartite settlement for bank officers that there officrs no point in discussing the matter here above qage revision since the things are not moving in the right direction of settling the issues.

Most unfortunate thing was the same leader himself opted for pension and subsequently took VRS telling everybody not to take VRS.

When every hope finished for good. Further, Courts have have given clear verdicts 9th bipartite settlement for bank officers pension matters should be settled between Managements and Bipaartite and Courts will not interfere. Supreme Court asked Govt. It seems all the 9 unions were with a formula how to dealwith the second option for pension. But what is expected of PF optees is at the least, to acknowledge graciously the spirit of sacrifice of Pension Optees for the cause of PF optees, instead of seeking retribution on the debunked theory of earlier perceived sacrifice.

We should move to court for the injustice being done to pension optees.

Indian Banks 9th Bipartite Settlement: Officers new pay

Kareena Kapoor stuns in Falguni Shane Peacock’s gold lehenga. If they demand Govt. Pay Matrix Level 13 To Pay Matrix Level bznk To 9.